Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas Sales

A website has conducted an investigation that led them to conclude that 80% of tickets will be sold at Christmas have already been reserved by Spanish companies.

This site has been estimated that the average cost that each employee goes to the Christmas Lottery is approximately 54 euros.

With respect to the terminations that are favorites for this draw, it is reported that 80% of companies have chosen to order the terminations are related to their personal lives with their history and also highlights of the time. In this respect, it is recalled that in 2005, selling numbers had to do with the birth of the Infanta Leonor, the royal wedding and with the victory that was Fernando Alonso in the championship. However, there are also those that make up the 20% that do not pay attention to the numbers but has chosen to focus on the easy availability of the tenth. What we can generalize for both cases is that all opt for purchasing the tickets with your Lotero and maintaining a close relationship.

Currently, the most important distribution channel available to the Christmas Lottery turn out to be that drag companies and other consumer groups. It was also noted that, when the company announces the lottery number that it obtained, few what they decide not to participate, most can not resist the temptation.

If this is the classic market (not online), 35% of the distribution of the Christmas Lottery lead groups, be they companies or clubs or groups of any kind. That is why we conclude that this is the route primarily used for the Christmas raffle.

On the gold side, we have the online market is the least used for this purpose. Forecasts indicate that this year, consumption of tickets purchased online by businesses, could grow 7% over 2005. The sales volume achieved market Internet sales only amount to 1% of total sales.

Love, always love!

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day. And one wonders: Who was this saint and why do I have that pattern are in love? It appears he was a bishop of Rome in the early years of Christianity, driver of marriages.

The celebration of this day is for many a true kitsch. For others, a more department stores to increase sales with gifts that couples do on this day.

Anyway, always good to deal with an issue as important as love is, a basic sense of human relations. Not a good time for romance. But many people still believe in feelings of love, and also believe in the couple. Fundamental in the lives of everyone.

And when this day arrives, regardless of whoever the inventor, we try to have a detail with our wives or our husbands. One way to show our mutual feeling. Some will say, rightly, that this detail can be any day of the year. But, well, not bad to be done on a day like tomorrow.

The Spanish and the Christmas Lottery

Internet sales of the "Lotería de Navidad" to double this year. Males, younger than 34 years, university, working and residing mainly in provinces such as Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, is the profile of purchasers of Lottery Internet.

Pablo Sierra, director of marketing for Ventura.24, a European management of the State Lotteries and Gaming for the Web, and responsible for submitting the study entitled "The Spanish Christmas lottery and the Internet," explained that the results extracted 3,500 as polls show nearly half of Internet buyers Lottery are under 34 years, contrary to what happens in traditional sales channels such as government or establishments offering shares, where most buyers are the segment from 45 to 64 years. highlights the fact that while in the 'Internet Channel' half of the buyers have college education, this percentage drops to 17% in conventional facilities. Also, two out of three are men "as also occurs in traditional channels, and because the level of internet penetration is higher among men." By province, one third of respondents confessed his preference for purchasing tenth of a specific city, being the favorite in this order: Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, and the reasons for your choice: emotional ties with that place, considering that are more likely to win or be the city where they reside.

However, the fact that Internet sales have been growing "dramatically" in recent years has not meant a decline in traditional sales, as both channels "complement." In fact, the data shows the continued buying by the two channels 85 percent of cases, and 30 percent buy the same amount the web that government or resale. The average purchase per person is two tenths, and 30 percent also buy any number of Christmas Peña, with an estimated expenditure of around € 60 per individual, and the preferred form of payment, credit card .