Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Famous Casino Players

There are casino players who have been in history and they are on one side, Leigh Norman, second and Harold S. GarcĂ­a Pelayo Smith.
Let's see what was what led to each of them to be in the history of the casinos.

Norman Leigh was born in London in 1928 and conducted studies on the mechanism of the wheel in 1955. from these studies created a roulette system which trained a group of people to implement it in casinos. After several casinos have done for a while and earn money was prevented from entering casinos in all of France.

This character from the world of casinos wrote a book called "13 against the dealer" explaining a system to beat the casino. Apparently, the legend says that his inspiration to beat the casinos began when she noticed her father's small to be thrown out of a French casino to lose everything. The famous game that used the method of Norman Leigh and his twelve players is called Reverse Labouchere.

Then we have another player like Garcia Pelayo famous casinos, a player of Spanish origin. This player always won at roulette casino Francoise Blanc, owner of the Monte Carlo casino. At the beginning your roulette system did not raise suspicions but then to not stop winning Blanc began to worry. The day came when they quoted her despcaho Blanc Pelayo to provide a sum of money to reveal its game system but refused Pelayo.

This popular new game system was revealed by a nephew of Pelayo. There is a book called "The fabulous history of Los Pelayo" where you can find out more about this famous player of casinos.

Finally, Harold Smith is another player famous casinos and especially roulette. Is that once this man came to bet the entire casino in a single spin of a roulette wheel. In the early 60's betting this man became famous because of this type. His family origin as determined to be a man dle world of casinos. In the 30s his father and brother operated roulette games in California and Rio Nido. After being arrested had to go to Reno, Nevada where gambling was legal and a virgin. He took the opportunity to exploit this new market niche and developed the casino "Haroldo Club" which eventually became one of the world's largest casinos.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Football sports betting

Sports betting has always been one of the most common bets around the world, it happens this way for two important factors. First sports betting millions around the world move sums of money every day, the second factor is that the game on it that best bet is the game of football.

The football game is the best game on which you bet and trim is also one of the easiest games we can win on a bet, if we are frequent viewers of the sport. There are many betting strategies needed to achieve win a sports bet, but if you need to know n bit that sport.

If we know that two first division teams in Spain was confronted is possible that the results obtained in the teams previous games we serve a very good way. Since we consider the total performance of each of the teams to know which is which you get a win.

Learn how to deal with this type of betting can give us very good profit margins, but we must also remember that a football match, pede give victory to any of the equipment and no matter where in the standings but can lucky act betting on these very quickly.

The stink sports can give us a good profit but for this to happen we must always best to make good bets, or otherwise the loss could be very high.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Board Games

Board games represent the largest category recognized within the large group of casino games. This is because the most popular casino games are in this category.

What are the characteristics of board games?

All games within this category are developed on a table where players place their bets. Another common feature is the presence of a dealer to manage the game.

What games fall into this category?

As mentioned earlier, this category is comprised of several of the most popular casino games. These are: Poker, Blackjack, Craps and Baccarat.

The four games are played at tables where players place their bets and four have the presence of a dealer, so we can conclude that meet all the conditions listed above.

How to win at board games?

Each of the games listed above, do not rely solely on chance and luck of the player. For each of them, there is a strategy, especially in the betting procedure.

We recommend that before playing Poker, Blackjack, Craps or Baccarat, on Casino Games Magazine 2010 read the corresponding sections for better results and earn more money!

Friday, 1 January 2010

Online Sports Betting

Internet gambling in the latter have become very popular time in the world more than anything in Europe, according to various sources when it comes to sports betting sport but football seems to be chosen.

This has a large percentage of the other sports, this will continue but a little removed in percentage tennis and auto racing, even though sports betting not have an adjustment on the Web are highly reliable in many places which make our bets.

When sports betting football when we see that if such face Real Madrid against a table is not as well known from anywhere in the world, the bets will pay more for the second option that bone box has many chances to win, that's why a good trick to earn more money. A time to gamble online is to open several accounts in different bookmakers and either choose one or the other won enough money option with a very low investment.

It is possible that when faced with two important paintings such as Real Madrid and Barcelona is quite difficult to choose which bet is there they can use the method of betting on various betting houses will be very useful in this case because one can bet on and another in different houses and earn some extra money equally.