Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Famous Casino Players

There are casino players who have been in history and they are on one side, Leigh Norman, second and Harold S. García Pelayo Smith.
Let's see what was what led to each of them to be in the history of the casinos.

Norman Leigh was born in London in 1928 and conducted studies on the mechanism of the wheel in 1955. from these studies created a roulette system which trained a group of people to implement it in casinos. After several casinos have done for a while and earn money was prevented from entering casinos in all of France.

This character from the world of casinos wrote a book called "13 against the dealer" explaining a system to beat the casino. Apparently, the legend says that his inspiration to beat the casinos began when she noticed her father's small to be thrown out of a French casino to lose everything. The famous game that used the method of Norman Leigh and his twelve players is called Reverse Labouchere.

Then we have another player like Garcia Pelayo famous casinos, a player of Spanish origin. This player always won at roulette casino Francoise Blanc, owner of the Monte Carlo casino. At the beginning your roulette system did not raise suspicions but then to not stop winning Blanc began to worry. The day came when they quoted her despcaho Blanc Pelayo to provide a sum of money to reveal its game system but refused Pelayo.

This popular new game system was revealed by a nephew of Pelayo. There is a book called "The fabulous history of Los Pelayo" where you can find out more about this famous player of casinos.

Finally, Harold Smith is another player famous casinos and especially roulette. Is that once this man came to bet the entire casino in a single spin of a roulette wheel. In the early 60's betting this man became famous because of this type. His family origin as determined to be a man dle world of casinos. In the 30s his father and brother operated roulette games in California and Rio Nido. After being arrested had to go to Reno, Nevada where gambling was legal and a virgin. He took the opportunity to exploit this new market niche and developed the casino "Haroldo Club" which eventually became one of the world's largest casinos.

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