Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Increased Online Gambling and Gambling in Spain

According to a study conducted recently by the statistical company "Setup information" bets in online casinos have increased considerably over the past 5 years.

Many players that enjoy betting money in the online casino have commented that they have already begun to lose their fear of them so you can bet with more tranquility.

This phenomenon has been giving so since many of the players who attend them have begun to lose their fear and place bets on a more substantial and much higher than they were doing at first.

Proceeds from the online casinos have a significantly increased since this every day towards the players have different types of bonds which players access very quickly and effectively.

Many players have told us that when making your bets play in a carefree and do not need to make further deposits but may be playing with $ 100 a long time and knows that if you take a good gaming system only very rarely lose times.

On the other hand the managers of the most famous casinos on the web have told us that they are very satisfied with the place they are occupying this type of online casinos since they are the sites most visited by young people is also by the older people who enjoy a good game from the comfort of your home.

The online gambling boom in Spain

Spain has become in just three years in one of the major markets for the major bookmakers in Europe. Today the Spanish market is one of the three largest in the world with the United Kingdom and Australia.

According to sources commented one of the major bookmakers, the Spanish fans in the last year have increased their participation. They think that the effect of the crisis has led to gambling to be one of the main entertainment in the country. In fact, bets now look more like an investment like the stock market where people have hopes of improving their quality of living.

As majority profile, 80% of bettors are males between 18 and 40 years of age. They make small bets but there are cases, in smaller numbers of people who bet large amounts, are sports fans and Internet junkies. For them to transact in this way is not a risk because they take years to do so.

It is estimated that online gambling in Spain moves around 350 million euros a year, according to the calculations is assumed to increase by over 100% to reach 800 million. There are over 6 million transactions per day and in cases of major events and prime can reach over a thousand bets per second.

As a surprise, football is the sport that moves money, horse racing, tennis and cricket are usually higher. The Wimbledon final last moved almost 64 million euros in one of the best known bookmakers.

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