Saturday, 15 May 2010

Video Poker Rule

Many times we are in a casino is very easy to see where are the video poker machines in a casino either because they are more machines that are played inside the casinos and the slots or slots.

Then I will explain all the rules to take into account when deciding to play this game.

Royal Flush: when one player makes the same color ladder ladder is when they leave a total of 5 consecutive cards but these must be in ascending order from 10 to Ace but they must be the same color, with one hand these winners and we are sure that nothing beats this hand.

Straight Flush: when leaving a total of 5 consecutive cards but the same color but this ladder must not exceed the number 10.

Poker: when one of the players have 4 cards of the same this is the hand we call Poker.

Full: when we have a trio that are three cards of one number and another pair of letters that also share the number.

Color: when we have 5 cards value no matter what counts in this bet is the color of the letters we have.

Ladder: when we have any type of ladder, it can be formed with all colors, but we must have a minimum total of 5 cards that are consecutive numbers.

Trio: when we have three cards of the same value this bet is called trio.

Two pairs: when we two individual pairs but in both cases we have to make any combination to form two pairs of equal numbers.

Couple: when we have only one pair of identical cards, this is one of the hands that leave more quickly in any game of Poker, this is not so much a winning hand, do not bet a lot of money if you have these letters as it is very easy to come up.

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