Saturday, 17 April 2010

Are You Addicted To Casino Games?

Willpower is not enough to end the gambling

Pathological gambling is a disorder of impulse with the following characteristics: no reflection, no guilt, inability to stop the act of betting to stay without a sun. This leads to a circuit that includes everything from deceive another person to steal to get money and go back to losing gamble. Paradoxical is a circuit where the pleasure and pain meet in the act of losing everything.

To begin, we can affirm that pathological gambling or pathological gambling is a vice, the widely spread among the population, but is an addictive disease chronic addiction.

One of the most serious is to be thought-altering not only the momentum-and develops a magical thinking that leads people to think they can master chance.

There are gestures and rituals that inhabit a table bingo roulette in a casino or a poker night, the superstition of the player and other addictive behaviors that often accompany the game, especially alcohol and snuff.

For a person becomes addicted to gambling, you should consider many factors, including: family problems, lack of communication, low self esteem, low self-control or emotional problems. The compulsive gambler seeks shelter in the game, an outlet for their fears and their complexes.

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