Sunday, 25 April 2010

What do we need? Betting on Horses

Horse bets are one of the oldest forms of betting. The tradition comes from the United Kingdom where it was always very interested in this sport ... and gambling.

Clearly it is not easy, it is important to have a system, be rigid and not move him from there the slightest.

What do we need?

They should take a betting program to see what careers we have, time you are, horses "bet", etc.. With this program we get information about the horses that run, when they arrive, statistics, etc.. This information may be found surfing the internet.

Another point to consider are the variables of each race, such as type of track, weather, age of the participants, weight carried, etc..

Another point to consider is the start position, sometimes starting position to disadvantage a winning horse and vice versa.

There are different types of careers and is important to know what we're betting. They are divided mainly in:

- Races for horses that have not ever won a race (Maiden)

- The claim or "Claiming", in which horses are put on sale before the race and can be purchased by anyone before the start of each race.

- Those that are restricted by age, sex or other conditions, in order to have a group of horses of similar ability are the award or "Allowance"

- The classic or "Stakes" where the best horses always involved and where there is always more level.

- The level or "Handicaps", which imposes equal weight to each competitor will.

There are many more factors to consider, but this is a good start, above all, keep in mind that it is not a horse race or a greyhound track.

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