Thursday, 22 April 2010

Strategy for Betting on Slots

Many slot players have commented that it is not the game or the machine itself that attracts the attention of the same but are the same rewards they offer.
Many slot players are usually players casinos but in other games, roulette, Black Jack, Poker, etc.

These players have commented that have been derived for these machines as the most important thing is not the game itself, but jackpots are giving this type of machine.

Here I leave a little trick to implement for when going to a physical casino to play this type of machine.

What we need to do is to buy as many chips and place them on the same machine, so when they charge a premium big or small it is advisable to collect the receivable and reinserting all the chips we charge.

What we do in this way is that the machine is never empty and we are more subject to charge any of the progressive jackpots that have machines.

These machines pay this kind of progressive awards as follows, each plays a certain percentage of an amount of about 80 plays, for which we need to insert coins or tokens every possible because if the machine is empty at the time that favored the same we will not give us too big a prize or anything significant.

For this reason it is best played on a machine that does not give any kind of awards and then try to load them with as many chips as possible.

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