Friday, 30 April 2010

The Betting And Horse Racing

As we know, the world of horse racing and the racetrack is very directly related to the gaming world. Every thirty minutes there is a race, therefore, a chance to win.

In the grandstand area, we see people running from one place to another, and the tellers do not give a coarse to pick up the bets of all those people who want to participate in these bets. In this world of horses, we have different types of bets, which have names, such as:

* Bet if the chosen horse finishes first, second or third place.

* Bet accurate: it is a category in which they must match the exact order of the horses who came in first and second.

* Bet infected: it is the same as above, with the same rules, but this time, we increase the first, second and third. It becomes more complicated, but if we win money, win more than the other types of betting.

* Superfecta bet: we must select and agree to the horses who came in the top four. Usually the crowd favorite, as the prizes are much better than the rest, being more difficult to hit.

* Double Bet selection: you have to choose the horse that will win in each of the two runs and hit, of course.

As we see, there are many possible combinations, so it's a world so addictive, and you both like in other countries, you can bet that in many ways.

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