Monday, 12 April 2010

The Rise of Online Gambling

Every day more players enter the many online bookmakers available online to bet on their favorite team. It is a fact that this business is booming despite the tough global crisis that affects us all.

An example is the Fair Total Sports, sports trade fair held in the facilities of the IFEMA, Madrid. Visitors to this latest edition have been found with various stands online bookmakers.

In these stands to install computers in order to make money gambling with real money dummy. Curiously, these sites are illegal gambling in Spain, but did not hesitate to give vouchers exchangeable for money to make the first online gambling.

In this last edition were the most powerful companies in the sector of sports betting. All these sites cover both types of gambling such as casino sports betting.

From a global perspective, ignoring that sports betting is illegal in certain countries such as Spain, the question can be analyzed with a phrase and a simple data conducted by the U.S. company eMarketer, which specializes in market analysis: While there are game will have online gambling and is not for nothing relevant or important than the game is legal or not.

The figures in this business in Spain are not registered to be illegal because you can not do a count. But if we rely on the use of payment cards is estimated that a total of 150,000 regular gamblers. As data comment that this past year 2007-2008 has been a 41% increase in the number of gamblers compared to the period 2009-2010.

The growth of online gambling

We've spent some years where there has been an exponential growth of online gambling compared to traditional gambling houses for that purpose.

The fact that the Internet is an environment that has matured over the years, where they have used all sorts of options that gives this medium has greatly helped this. New payment methods, reliability, profitability, etc., Are factors that have not bypassed by businessmen and gamblers.

In Europe they play more than one million people at least once a month, putting the game in the fourth volume of activity in e-commerce transactions, an increase that has achieved annual increases of up to 18%.

In Europe, the traditional betting traditionally have come to be dominated by gambling and state lotteries and betting, slot machines, casinos, etc.. Therefore, the degree of openness of traditional bookmakers has been very low in Europe and in countries such as England were already widespread, the first house opened in Spain in 2010.

The benefits can be found in online gambling over which they take place in casinos or traditional houses are many, but mainly it's the convenience of them from the living room of our house facing the hassle of having to move to a Local hot days or bad weather.

Thus, the online bookmakers grow each year at a rate much higher while houses are a lifetime of seeing their benefits are reduced by the day.

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