Thursday, 15 April 2010

Casino Games 2010

The World of Casino Games in 2010

In order to deepen the world of casino games and make you a complete expert on this subject, this section will know the history of the first casino in Europe:

Before the establishment of casinos, casino games and took place in the streets, in private clubs and homes. In fact the word "casino" is derived from the Italian word "casa," meaning home.

The amount that a player could win, was limited by its own funds. But nevertheless, as in the seventeenth century, appeared a few specific places, offering players the chance to bet against "the bank." This gave players a potential opportunity to earn more money than you bet.

One of the oldest casinos in Europe, located in Baden Baden in Germany, was inaugurated in 1748 by Edouard Benazet, who hired French craftsmen to design the style of the different rooms. Despite several suffered this casino closures throughout its history, the Baden Baden Casino remained open until today.

In 1857, Prince Charles III of Monaco, introduced the casino industry to promote its finances.

Already in the twentieth century, the Monte Carlo Casino quickly became a trendy destination for the rich and famous at that time. Back then, people like the director of "Ballet Russe" in Paris, Sergei Diaghalev, King Edward VII of England and the Italian tenor Enrico Caruso, were regular customers of the establishment.

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